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AGTAMA22 Collection
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Positive social or ecological effects had no financial value - until now. But actively making the world a better place should be honored also financially, right? That's where Impact-NFTs come into play.

Our LOOMPACT methodology & platform enables all for- or non-profit organizations to assess their impact easily by themself. Following an external audit of their impact model & outcomes, we help them to transform their earned impact into NFT collections that represent a certain amount of authentic eco / social outcomes. The organizations sell these NFTs (so their impact) to create additional revenues with the positive effects they created for the world.

Interested in issuing such Impact-NFTs for your own organization or do you want to buy impact assets in bulk? Then please contact us!

About Impact Credits

Impact Credits are like the well known "CO2 credits" or "CO2 certificates" – they represent a positive effect done by an organization for a better world. But Impact Credits are not only addressing climate change, they are much more versatile as any kind of generated positive eco / social outcome can be transformed into a credit.

Despite the fact, that it is based on a high-tech blockchain architecture (NFTs), they are as easy to buy as buying a ticket or any goods from online shops. All you need is your credit card. There is no special knowledge needed for buying or handling these credits.

Curious how easy it is to buy them? Then take a look at the short explainer video below:

Yes and no. CO2 credits are purely focused on making carbon negative effects tradable. With LOOMPACT's approach for Impact Credits, we are able to issue credits for our clients that cover all areas of the 17 SDGs. So, think of Plastic, Biodiversity, Education or Gender-Equality Credits . But of course Impact Credits could also be "just" usual CO2 Credits.

That differs. Mainly these are either for- or non-profit organizations or companies that dedicated their work towards making the world a better place - but also in a measurable way. They are located all around the globe, focusing on addressing one or more challenges listed in the SDGs.

Prerequisites for working with is a data-driven impact model approach and KPI-based reporting, so that there is countable outcomes. Moreover all this has to be externally audited (e.g. following the IMVS standard) and the impact that is intended to be sold has been already generated. All this together generates a very high quality basis on what the Impact Credits are built upon.

Using a blockchain for issuing these Credits has multiple advantages:

Immutability: once the NFTs are set up with their data on the blockchain, the core data is locked in place permanently. There's no altering of records possible on the baked-in features in the token and also the track record of all transactions is permanent

Transparency: due to the nature of the transaction & wallet handling of a blockchain, every transaction can be traced by anyone publicly. That also means e.g. that everybody can see if a buyer that wants to compensate a footprint with buying Impact Credits still holds the NFTs bought (so, is still compensated) or has sold these Credits again (and therefor is not compensated anymore).

Tradability: our Credits are listed on a widely used public blockchain (Solana), which also means that no one is bound to any proprietary marketplace for selling the Credits again. Our Impact-NFTs can be sold on any secondary marketplace that supports the Solana chain (like OpenSea, MagicEden etc.).

Easy-to-use & to understand: NFTs are a kind of commodity in the blockchain world. Even for non-tech interested consumers it is easy to handle them in digital wallets and to buy, sell or transfer them. Moreover - besides the important raw data content, NFTs always contain a picture attached to them. In case of LOOMPACT Impact Credits the mostly show a visual representation of the project & outcomes that are sold in the NFT and make it easy to see the major features of the Credit.

Traceability: each and every NFT has it's own tracking link & QR-code to check all relevant information on certifications, audit results, outcomes & originators of the impact represented with that collection.

Solana is a "layer 1" blockchain network that has many benefits for us in the context of issuing Impact Credits at the moment. It is a low-energy consuming chain based on "proof-of-stake" (PoS) and "proof-of-history" (PoH) mechanisms. Even all their calculated CO2 footprint is compensated fully with high quality offsetting projects. Moreover is excels with fast transaction times, low gas fees and is widely accepted on the majority of the larger NFT marketplaces out there (like OpenSea, MagicEden etc.) so that also secondary market trading is easy.

The NFTs issued with LOOMPACT's technology are independent from our infrastructure once they're minted. They are set up on a public blockchain (Solana) and due to the distributed node infrastructure these networks are at least intended to stay forever. So, as long as the underlying chain exists, your NFTs are also safe. And, fun fact - none of the many "layer 1" networks died since their start.

Buying these NFTs is as easy as buying a ticket or goods in an online shop: all you need is a credit card and your email address. After buying the desired amount, a so-called "custodial wallet" will be created at our payment provider for you based on your email address as a credential. You get all info on accessing your Impact Credits via mail and you are also later on able to transfer your NFTs to your private digital wallet (if you've got one) free of charge.

In short - yes. With most of the Credit issuers here we've got contracts for the continuous delivery of freshly realized outcomes. Besides theses we've also got a plenty more organizations that work with us but their collections are not publicly listed on our marketplace, as they are "bespoke" Credits designed for the use of one or more bulk buyers. Also these feed in to the stream of outcomes we securitize with LOOMPACT NFT. Let us know about your demand and we cater that need.

Yes, we do that. At first we need to talk about your needs and goals. After that we're actively looking for project partners that deliver the specific outcomes you need, also (if needed) in the desired region where the impact should be generated for you. Please contact us using our mentioned email addresses.

For even more answers & details, visit our FAQ-page.


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