Plastic Fischer Kanpur Q4 2022 NFT-Collection

Symbol / Collection ID:
Impact site:
Kanpur (India)
Impact vintage:
earned by the issuer in 01.10.2022-31.12.2022
Collection size:
2078 pieces
Price per NFT:
15 USDC (USD stable coin)
NFT Contract:
Eifb6aFumtDQQs3qo5u4CsVRR9jPc7CXCiwhpHg5iVQD on Solana (low-energy PoS blockchain; CO2 compensated)
Impact audited by:
NFT platform by:
Plastic Fischer NFT Collection
(new Plastic Credits coming soon)

About this Impact-NFT Collection

Issuer and seller of this NFT collection is:
Basilius-Besler-Weg 10
50933 Cologne

The proceeds of all sold NFTs benefit the issuer.
If you are interested in buying further plastic credits, please contact

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Plastic Fischer collects plastic from rivers, before it enters the oceans where it breaks down into micro-plastic and threatens marine biodiversity.

With the simple TrashBoom-technology, the River Plastic is stopped and then collected by Plastic Fischer’s full-time employees. To ensure safe processing of the material, the company sets up Material Recovery Facilities in which the River Plastic is dried, segregated and then prepared for further treatment.

All recyclable materials are sold to local off-takers and reintroduced to the supply chain. The non-recyclable material is sent to co-processing plants, where the material is incinerated and used as an energy source. This is in line with international best practices and the best alternative available to landfills and the oceans.

Our operations in Kanpur prevent plastic from entering the Ganges – world’s holiest, but most polluted river. To carry out all necessary steps reliably, we created 13 full-time jobs for local people who also receive health insurance and social benefits. Most of our employees have been working in the informal waste sector for many years and never had the chance to be formally employed and receive a regular income.

By buying this certificate, you finance the end-to-end operations and everything that is needed to collect, manage and process 10 kg of River Plastic and support the employment of our people in Kanpur.

About Impact Credits

Impact Credits are like the already well known "CO2 credits" or "CO2 certificates" - they represent a positive effect done by an organization for a better world. But Impact Credits are not only addressing climate change, they are much more versatile as any kind of generated positive eco/social outcome can be transformed into a credit.

Despite the fact, that it is based on a high-tech blockchain architecture (NFTs), they are as easy to buy as buying a ticket or any goods from online shops. All you need is your credit card. There is no special knowledge needed for buying or handling these credits.

Curious how easy it is to buy them? Then take a look at the short explainer video below...

Basically, you buy data & an "impact claim". The organizations that created the outcomes check them in on our LOOMPACT reporting & transparency platform. If they do this, they still own the data they checked-in and they are able to sell this data later on using Impact Credits. The Credit itself so contains a part of this reported outcome and in fact also the claim, who has created the impact is transferred to the buyer.

The reported data & the underlying impact model for every NFT collection is checked externally for validity. This is a complex audit process, mostly following the IMVS standard (see the glossary section for a deeper explanation).

LOOMPACT is not the issuer of the Impact Credits - the issuer is the organization that created the impact and also they are the ones selling the NFTs. LOOMPACT is a technology and sales platform provider here. So also the proceeds of all sales benefit the impact-generating organizations directly.

Purchasing these NFTs is as simple as any online shopping; just use your credit card and email. Upon purchase, we'll create a "custodial wallet" for you through our payment provider, linked to your email. You'll receive all details about accessing your Impact Credits by email, and you can transfer your NFTs to your own digital wallet at no extra cost.

Every collection has it's own bulk request email address listed on it's shopping (minting) page. Click on that address and send us the details about how many NFTs you want to buy and ideally any invoice info if needed. That's all - we take care of the rest.

In short - yes. With most of the Credit issuers here we've got contracts for the continuous delivery of freshly realized outcomes. Besides theses we've also got a plenty more organizations that work with us but their collections are not publicly listed on our marketplace, as they are "bespoke" Credits designed for the use of one or more bulk buyers. Also these feed in to the stream of outcomes we securitize with LOOMPACT NFT. Let us know about your demand and we cater that need.

Yes, we do that. At first we need to talk about your needs and goals. After that we're actively looking for project partners that deliver the specific outcomes you need, also (if needed) in the desired region where the impact should be generated for you. Please contact us using our mentioned email addresses.

Also when it comes to special requirements on how to integrate your Impact Credits as NFTs in your internal or external reporting, we're at your side. We've done that several times - either for non-interactive reporting scenarios ("printed" reports) or for interactive presentations (compensation proofs on corporate websites). Please contact us using our mentioned email touchpoints.

For even more answers & details, visit our FAQ-page.


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